Here's Where I See Myself in 5 Years | With Walnut Melbourne

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Chile Platform Slides - Dark Tan

Where do I see myself professionally in 5 years? Ah no, despite what you're seeing above, it's not far, far away in a cactus farm.

In fact, it's quite the opposite, because for as long as I can, I plan on staying almost exactly where I am.

Hear me out.

If you're a dreamer like me, you've probably got a wild destination in mind for your career. A 'dream job' you know you'd be amazing at if you were just given the chance. It could be far away, it could be on an entirely different path, it could be your side hustle, or buried so deep in your desires that you won't even let yourself say it out loud.

Well, my dream was to be a stylist. The kind that got to make the calls on who wore what, inspire the vision and bring it to life.
The first time I said it out loud was during my internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine. I was dressing a model and she asked me what my end goal was. I told her that one day I wanted to be creatively directing her, instead of dressing her.

That model, and a lot of other people along the way, told me I couldn't do it.

It's too competitive, too hard, too underpaid... the list goes on.

So when Walnut Melbourne reached out to me earlier this year, not only to creatively direct their entire 2019 Resort campaign, but also model it, edit it, style it and shoot it, I realised something.

Right now, in this moment, I am living that dream I spent so long pursuing.

So, you can't blame me for wanting to stick around for a while.

Sure, I want to keep growing, work on different campaigns and push my creativity. All in all though, I'm happy exactly where I am.

Getting to create for the Walnut Melbourne Resort campaign showed me that! It was everything I'd dreamt I could do. From sourcing the locations, working to wild creative briefs (one that pushed me 5 hours inland to a rural cactus farm), sourcing outfits from a network of connections I'd spent years building up and finally bringing the vision to life as I straddled creatively directing and modelling the shoot, all at the same time.

And what a campaign it was! Their Resort collection is flawless, with a mix of earthy tones and prints it covers all your shoe-drobe desires for this season and beyond.

Chic pops of Summery colour feature, especially in their cool sneaker range. The Ari Sneakers are easily a favourite of mine, as they make a subtle statement with coloured panels featuring the most seasonal of tones!

Ari Sneakers - White
Ari Sneakers - White

Oh, and it wouldn't be a Summer collection without a killer pair of slides! Walnut Melbourne has more than a few incredible options to choose from with this collection. My top pick being the Somerset Twist Slides in coral for an easy Summer slip-on. Not only are they in my favourite dusty hue but the fabric and quality fit has my feet looking as good as they feel!

Somerset Twist Slides - Coral
Somerset Twist Slides - Coral

The range also features some more subtle options including a neutral cheater print series and classic tortoiseshell. Don't look past the tan Chile Platform slides either if chic and simple is your go-to style of the season!

Chile Platform Slides - Dark Tan

The range rounds out with playful leopard print options including the Harpers Heel which would add an instant style boost to any outfit! The crossover strap and rounded open toe make them beyond flattering and the block heel means you'll never want to take them off!

Monica Slides - Tan Cheetah

Harpers Heel - Nude Leopard

Obsessed as I am? You can check out the entire Walnut Melbourne Resort collection online now and get your feet all styled up for Summer!

Enjoy shopping the collection (and brand) that gave me that 'aha moment', the one that confirmed that I am exactly where I need to be, and I shouldn't be in a rush to leave for a while.

Bess Slide - Tan Cheetah

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