Miz Casa & Co

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Inspired by Australia's relaxed coastal towns, Miz Casa & Co is a luxury lifestyle label covering everything from neoprene bags to Turkish towels and boho jewellery.
As a coastal girl myself, I knew exactly how to capture their products when they reached out for a series of images to share on their website and social media pages.
Layering up in their pieces with my best beachside outfits, I shot the series while travelling over Christmas and came back with enough images to last them all season long!

"Rochelle has been an amazing content creator that we have loved working with over the years. 
She always creates beautiful content and definitely has an eye for style, with a great understanding of our brand and vision for each shoot.
An absolute pleasure to deal and work with!"

- Analiese from Miz Casa & Co

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