How to create a consistent Instagram feed

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Oh the Instagram feed, there's nothing more satisfying than nailing that aesthetic and becoming the #instagoals you always knew you could be. But believe me, getting there can be frustrating.
You've gotta keep it consistent... without repeating yourself, stay true to who you are but also work with a different brand brief almost every post. Throw in a surprise deadline and two competitor brands that simply cannot be posted next to each other and you've got a serious mind game on your hands (and they say being a content creator isn't hard).

It took me a long time to work my aesthetic to the point where I was happy. It takes time, and up until I quit my full-time job, that was something I just didn't have. I opted for safe options because being creative is risky and takes energy and all I wanted to do was tick the next post off the list.

It feels oh so good to be creative again! To be proud of my work, rather than feeling guilty for not pushing it to the level that I knew I was capable of (just because I wanted to choose date-night over editing all night for once!).

If you look at the evolution of my feed from just before I quit my job, to now (just 6 weeks later) the difference is so real! Besides having more time and wayyyy more creative energy, here are the things I started doing to make sure my feed keeps it consistent!

1 . P L A N  I T  O U T

When you use Instagram professionally, planning is absolutely essential! Now that I've got time, I usually have my feed planned out a week or two in advance so that firstly, I can hit my deadlines and key post times for each client and secondly, so that I keep hitting those #feedgoals! This doesn't mean having all my content shot weeks in advance, I often use placeholders to determine the vibe I want to go for before I shoot. I'll use Pinterest or inspo from my favourite bloggers to map out my ideas for each shot and where it will end up in the feed.
I never let myself get too comfortable though, sometimes you're in the moment and you've just gotta upload then and there, or a client will push up a deadline just to keep you on your toes!

2 .  P I C K  A  F I L T E R

It might seem crazy, but I was a content creator for 4 years before I even touched Lightroom. Back when I started, I was at uni and it was an expense I just couldn't justify. I had no idea what I was missing out on until I went full-time and was forced to purchase my own Adobe subscription (rather than just using my work account). I opted for the Photography package as I wanted Photoshop but to my surprise it came with Lightroom too! Finally, I was able to play with the program it seemed almost everyone was using. It wasn't long until I saw why!
Being able to save your edits as 'presets' has been a game-changer for me! It means that no matter where I shoot (in a cafe, in my bedroom or against that white wall I can't seem to shake) using the same edit means that each image will match! With just a few tweaks, the tones, colouring, white balance and shadows will remain consistent from post to post.
For my feed, I lighten the blacks and shadows, increase the exposure and add a hint of pink every time!

3 . V A R Y  Y O U R  P O S T S

But not too much! You may have noticed that with my feed, I like to mix it up! That means no two flat-lays would ever be caught dead next to each other and those selfies are few and far between.
But that being said, consistency is the key here so when I am shooting my flat lay content for example, I often use the same background and lighting so that things look coherent. I also have a few go-to content types such as my 'from where I stand' posts which are like same same but different. This not only gives my feed a coherent vibe, it's also part of my signature so that when you see my shofie shared around, you'll always know those are my feet!

4 .  C H O O S E  A  C O L O U R  S C H E M E

I use colour a lot to give my feed a vibe, my staples being white, grey, nude and pink (of course!). You'll also notice my photos are all light and bright and primarily use white as the dominant colour.
That's not to say I won't ever put other colours on my feed, in fact, I have fun using other accents to shake things up, but I'll make sure a few posts use for example, khaki, to make it look deliberate. I used to be totally afraid of colour but now I can work with anything! As a rule of thumb though, I stick to pastels, because they are my favourite and always, always keep it light!

5 . S T A Y  T R U E  T O  Y O U R  S T Y L E

Probably one of the most underrated ways to keep a consistent insta feed is just down to your personal style! Being a fashion blogger first, almost all my posts are outfit based and so my wardrobe makes the biggest statement. I tend to opt for similar cuts, colours and styles which unifies my page. If it isn't truly my style, it wouldn't be on my page, so this one is easy to nail!
This also comes down to where I shoot, what props I use, the angles I go for and everything else that goes into creating each unique post. If I suddenly started posting leather on leather looks shot in a club, you'd probably notice it shaking up my aesthetic. Not that it's off limits, it's just gotta be deliberate!

6 .  B U L K  S H O O T

One last tip that works for me is shooting things as a series! This is not only a time saver, but a great hack for giving my feed that sense of consistency. When I shoot a few outfits in the same location, on the same day, they all end up working in unison as things such as lighting, mood and backgrounds remain consistent. This just gives you less variables that can make a post look out of place. Bonus points if you use the same few photographers too as the way each post is shot and what it's shot on can also do wonders for your feed! Once the series is shot, I then spread the posts throughout my feed to tie it all together and BAM a coherent Instagram feed is born!

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