Shoot prep: 3 steps I swear by!

Monday, September 17, 2018

In this job, no two shoots are the same (even if you desperately want them to be!). But after blogging and creating content for over 4 years, there are three things I always do when prepping for my next exciting client shoot!

O N E :  R E S E A R C H

Trust me, this one does pay off in the long run! It's so important to study the campaign brief and the brand you're creating for. You don't want to get to the end of the shoot and realise you've missed something crucial, yes, I'm speaking from experience!I like to start with the brief and make sure I get any questions answered before I plan the shoot. If there isn't a brief, it's also a good idea to put something together, just for yourself and then relay it back to your client (kinda like a long pizza order).I also make sure I'm totally across the brand's aesthetic so on shoot day I know for sure if they're the kind of client that would love that brass backdrop or if it's going to make them cringe.

T W O :  S H O T  L I S T

This is my BFF come photoshoot time! It's always worth the extra prep work when you go into a shoot with a clear idea of exactly how many and what shots you need!
My shot lists always include a little visual inspo
(thanks Pinterest!) as well as what product each shot should hero, any props I need and the kind of content I'm producing (e.g. photo or vertical video).
I also like to organise my shot list in order, so I'll look at each shot I want to create and work out the best order to shoot in to get things done most efficiently. This is so important when I'm out on location or shooting clothing, you don't want to change your bra, heels and lippy only to realise you need to put it all back on in a few shots time!

T H R E E :  O R G A N I S E  P R O D U C T

Again, this one will leave you with more time to get creative and less time wondering, 'where the heck did I put the shade 'fate' I need for shot 2!?'.
Before I even touch my camera (which is fully charged and has a clear SD), I lay out all the products I need as well as the props I've listed in the shot list. Backgrounds, textures, props and product all have a space so I can clearly see what I have to work with.
If I'm doing a big fashion shoot, I'll style each look at home and group it together in my bag (accessories and all) so that I don't miss anything in the midst of the craziness that is often a content day!

Alright, alright, you can go ahead and create now!

I'm not saying the plan is flawless, even the best prepped shoots can go astray (but still create something magical!). This is just what works for me, as part of my creative process is feeling prepared and in control of what I want to produce.

If you're more of a 'wing-it' creative, go ahead and fly!

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