The 3 most photogenic places to eat in Sydney!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Let's be real, choosing where to eat is 50% about the food and 50% about how insta-worthy it's going to be! Besides, food tastes better when you're sitting on a pink chair and the lighting has you looking all glowed up!

Next time you want to do it for the 'gram, these are my top 3 spots for the most photogenic places to eat in Sydney!

O N E : B A B Y  C O F F E E  C O

Millennial pink chairs, neon signs, and marble tables, this is literally every blogger's dream! Not only do these guys (yes guys!) do a killer coffee, they've also got the space packed with photo ops! 
I've done entire photoshoots in this space, with a gorgeous outdoor terrace, pastel interior and so many pink pieces to shoot with it's like they made it for me (and the rest of the pink-obsessed bloggers!). 

T W O : C U C K O O  C A L L A Y

If bold and bright is your thang, you need to have a meal at Cuckoo Callay! Located in the heart of Surry Hills this one is easy to stumble upon and is oh so amazing when you do! Downstairs is filled with bright turquoise and fuchsia chairs while the upstairs terrace houses some gorgeous casement windows you can look out of while you sip your latte.
To make it even more worth your while, these guys do an impressive bacon festival menu. Yes, a bacon festival! #goals

T H R E E : H Y D E  P A R K  H O U S E

Ok this place literally has it all; a palm print wall, a pink couch, a rooftop terrace overlooking Sydney's bustling CBD... what more could you want?
Everywhere you turn is another perfect place to snap one for the 'gram! Those umbrellas, that skyline, who would have thought a place like this existed in the middle of the CBD?

I couldn't end this post without mentioning a few other photogenic places to eat around Sydney, Hacienda, The Grounds of Alexandria, The Butler, Hotel Ravesis and Watsons Bay Hotel also make the it-list!

Happy eating 'gramming lovers!

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