20 things you wouldn't know about me by looking at my Instagram

Monday, October 29, 2018

So for a little fun, scandal and pure curiosity I asked my insta community to 'assume something about me' to inspire this post! I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of gal I appear to be on Instagram and more importantly, if it is the real me coming through!

Honestly I was surprised, even on Instagram some of my followers could tell that I'm shy, that I was a private school girl and that nope, I'm not a natural blonde (although, I don't think I've fooled anyone with that one!).

And then there were the ones that were way, way off. I'm a clean eater, own designer handbags, ooze confidence and prefer bronzer over blush!

So I thought I'd set things straight and share 20 things about me you can't tell from my Instagram:

1. I need glasses to see but wear contacts to all my shoots and social events.
2. I haven't been on a holiday in over a year but have three planned in the next 4 months!
3. I'm a list maker. If it's on my list, it will get done. I even put the most mundane tasks on there and organise it in the order I'll do it. I'd be lost without my lists.
4. I'm probably even more shy than you think, but it's my new years resolution every year to be more outgoing.
5. I absolutely love camping.
6. I have an older brother and younger sister. I'm a classic, peace-keeping middle child.
7. I've never had a gym membership - if I exercise it's something I can do out in the world!
8. I enjoy working alone. Even in an office environment this was my preference.
9. 90% of my photos aren't taken by my insta-husband but he's always there if I need him.
10. I've been using fake tan for 7 years. My family has a history of skin cancer so I won't ever let my skin touch the sun but I still want to be bronzed!
11. My background is in marketing, particularly social media and I still work with brands on things such as advertising, content creation, account growth and strategy. In fact, most my revenue comes from this.
12. I don't drink much because I hate wasting a day on a hangover.
13. Efficiency is my thang.
14. Cats are cooler than dogs. That's a fact.
15. I was a journalism major at uni.
16. My ultimate holiday destination is Bora Bora!
17. I'm not careful about what I eat and one day it's going to catch up with me.
18. Because I'm organised, I'm actually pretty low maintenance. No really, I am!
19. Feed planning and styling are my favourite parts of my job.
20. I definitely, most certainly, do not have too many clothes.

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