5 Items in My Wardrobe I Genuinely Always Wear

Monday, November 19, 2018

I'm the first to admit, I have a lot of clothes. It's ridiculous.
In fact, I even moved into a bigger apartment, turned a bedroom with a built-in into my wardrobe, bought two extra wardrobes, a shoe-rack and another rail and still, it feels full. (Not complaining).

My point is, I have a lot of clothes, but somehow, the 5 items below are the ones I always go back to. No matter how many new outfits I get, or shoes I buy, when I get dressed, these are the things I'm putting on.

O N E : B L U E  D E N I M

I know, I know, this one is pretty typical right? Denim is probably on everyone's go-to list. But the items I reach for have a few requirements; they've got to be blue (a faded light blue), high-waisted and a little distressed. Even if it's not rips from thigh to toe, a little un-hemmed cut-off look has me picking them every time.

From mom-fit jeans to distressed mini skirts and ripped skinnys, even jackets! I'm wearing these pieces at least a few times a week.

T W O : R O S E  G O L D  H A R D W A R E

To be completely honest, I had trouble deciding if I wear rose gold or gold more. The answer is probably gold but my heart truly lies with my rose-gold pieces.
Let me explain. A lot of my wardrobe has gold accents, such as bag straps, buckles and belts, rose-gold just isn't as popular for those sorts of things and I hate mixing.

So often, I'll continue accessorising with gold but as soon as I get a neutral look, it's 100% rose-gold, every time. Oh and if I ever get my hands on an outfit with rose-gold details, you can bet that goes straight to the top of my 'always wear' list!

T H R E E : C O S Y  K N I T S

If you're an avid follower, you've probably noticed that I love a good knit! I know it's December and we're about 10 days away from Summer but even a slight breeze or drop in temperature will have me reaching for these favourites.

Oversized, cropped jumpers are the easiest thing to pair with cute skirts and even easier is throwing on a knitted dress, popping on a belt and some killer accessories.
I think the main reason I can't resist these ones is because a knit always feels effortless, not too overdone but still put-together, which is what I'm all about!

F O U R : M U L E S

No lie, 50% of my shoe-drobe is mules. I just counted. I think this one just comes down to pure laziness. They are so easy to slip on and look damn fabulous. When I'm trying on shoe options I'll always try a pair of mules first and if I'm not going to be leaving my shoes on all day they make the obvious choice.

F I V E : W H I T E  L A C E

No surprises here, white lace outfits are my version of an LBD. You simply can't go wrong!
If I'm going anywhere remotely significant; to lunch, a blogger event, drinks... nine times out of 10 I'll be wearing some variation of a white lace outfit.
I just feel most comfortable. confident and myself when wearing white lace. I'm going to ace my wedding day.

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