So, What Do You Do For Work?

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

I don't have the stats, but I bet this is the most commonly asked question when meeting someone new. Take it from someone who doesn't have a mainstream job; it sure feels like it.

This was a topic I used to look forward to, armed with a somewhat impressive answer and fancy title, I'd gladly delve into 15 minutes of small talk about how cool it was to work in fashion, as a marketing manager, with a niche background in social media.

But after 4 months of being out on my own, I'm still not quite sure what to call myself.

My default; blogger.

Try explaining that to a table of deputy CEOs and board members at your partner's work function.

You see, it's not that I'm embarrassed by my job, I adopt plenty of roles to be proud of. It's just that when I say blogger, or worse, when my nervous rambling lets the word influencer slip from my lips, I know that I'm doing myself an injustice.

I'd be proud to say that I'm a stylist;
or a photographer;
or a writer;
or a publisher;
or a marketing consultant;
or a copywriter;
or a community manager;
or an administrator;
or a content coordinator;
or a model;
or a creative director;
or a graphic designer;
or a social media marketer;
or a makeup artist;

but there's no respected title that stands for all of the above.

Funnily enough, the fact that I assume all of these roles is exactly the reason I love my job. When I was little, I used to dream of working for a magazine, but I could never decide on which part I wanted to do the most.
Did I want to design the covers? Dress the models? Write the stories, or in my wildest dreams; be on the pages?

When I got my internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine I still couldn't decide. Unlike most interns, I worked in both departments, fashion and editorial. I even landed myself on the pages of Cosmo Bride (I'm not kidding!). When I left the magazine, post-degree, for my first full-time job, I was no closer to deciding which side of the office I'd like to sit on for the rest of my life.

But now, I don't have to choose at all. I can walk through my career freely, sitting in the marketing department one day and the makeup chair the next. I'm not only writing in the pages of the magazine, I'm liaising with the advertisers, photographing the front cover and deciding which stories should go where.

I've never felt more in control of my career.

I suppose you could say I'm the editor. An editor that gets their own coffee... from the machine in their own kitchen. But for today, my Instagram bio says I'm a content creator and a stylist, because that's what I want to be doing the most of right now. I've changed it about 5 times since I quit my job and I'm certain I'll change it again.

Maybe one day all the bloggers of the world will band together and use their 'influence' to create a new word, one that better represents the many, many roles we assume each day.

Or maybe the rest of the world will just catch up and realise that yes, this thing called blogging is a real career.

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