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Monday, February 18, 2019

This blog post was inspired by the incredible AW Bridal, who encouraged me to share something a little more personal in this space. My dress featured here is their Olivia Dress in Champagne

I remember being 17, Scott and I had only been dating for a few months, maybe just weeks when I told a close friend I was going to marry him. She'd been prodding me about the new guy I was seeing and we both weren't expecting those words to drop somewhat effortlessly out of my mouth.

Even though there hadn't been a specific moment, list that had been checked-off or even a conversation had, I knew.

I wasn't sure how I knew at the time, but we've spent the last 7 years together proving again and again that my instinct was right. So when Scott officially asked me to promise forever with him last week, it got me thinking, why was it so obvious to say 'yes'?

Firstly, being with Scott was easy. While I hadn't had a lot of experience with love before I met Scott, being with him was simple and natural compared to the run-ins with 'love' I'd had before.
We agreed on most of the big things and were willing to compromise when we didn't. We simply liked each other's company and so we began spending more and more time together. Everything was more fun when he was around and even after so, so long, we're still not sick of each other!
We seemed to slot into each other's lives without force and even though some times were harder than others (there were periods of juggling uni, work and internships where we hardly got to spend a day together), we always wanted to make it work, so we did.

Ok, so this one is a little cliche, but it's true; we make each other better people. In some ways, Scott and I are worlds apart. He is extremely calculated and realistic which are qualities I really admire (especially when doing things like budgeting or planning a holiday to the finest detail), but my more optimistic, relaxed attitude to life pushes us to dream bigger and strive for wilder goals.
While we agree on what's important, we're still able to challenge each other which makes for a pretty great ride!

One of the first things that sealed the deal for me with Scott was how much he gave. When we first met, I admired how he would do almost anything for those closest to him without expecting anything in return.
If a friend would call in the middle of the night asking for a lift home, Scott would go. When his sister asked him to build a few things for her new business, he did it without hesitation.
Now that he's such a huge part of my life, his generosity touches me the most. I know that no matter what, if I need to rely on Scott for something, he will be there. He surprises me every single day with the lengths he will go for me. Even if it's as simple as warming my side of the bed before I get in!
His love language is definitely acts of service and it's a quality I admire as I am not as generous with my time. But seeing him give so much, it inspires me to do the same.

Lastly, I knew because I just wanted to be with him. All the time. When we first got together this was a pretty strong feeling, and for a teenager experiencing love for the first time, it was almost all-consuming. If I'm honest, I really had to work on making sure this one didn't become an unhealthy way to love.
I pushed myself to make sure I could live without Scott if I had to, but I knew it was ok if I never wanted to. I spent a Summer studying in Italy, encouraged him to take a job in another state (which meant 9 months apart) and made sure I never lost myself while accepting all of him.
Even though this feeling is one that needs to be contained (honestly I think we could spend 24/7 together), it's also a feeling that makes me sure he's my forever.

While the list of reasons extends far beyond these words, these are the things about Scott that stuck with me from the start. Through all the versions of our relationship, from young loved-up teenagers, to now, these are the cues that have never wavered and I know they never will.

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