D + K

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Nothing motivates me more than activewear that makes me feel confident, bold and comfortable in my own skin and that's exactly what this empowering brand does!

D+K is a brand that is changing the game in more ways than one! Not only are they sustainably manufacturing from conception to production in their Brisbane based warehouse, they also don't compromise on fit and function when they make their wearable pieces for every body shape!

I love that they take steps, like personally visiting their suppliers to ensure they are operating in line with the brands own values of sustainability and environmentally responsible design.

I think the designs speak for themselves when I say that in no way does this mean they are compromising on style. Every single one of their pieces is carefully constructed and detailed for functionality.

Take a look at the content I had the pleasure of shooting for them, and believe me when I say, it wasn't hard to make these pieces look INCREDIBLE!

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