Sunday, September 1, 2019

*This blog post is sponsored by the gorgeous resort wear brand,  HAVEN. Their bold, practical line is an essential in any suitcase, and will have you begging for your next Summer escape!

Martinique Frill Dress by HAVEN

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that holidays can inspire a wardrobe to a whole new level. I mean, if I’m taking limited supplies, you bet whatever makes it into my suitcase is the best I’ve got to offer!

There’s no room for impractical outfits, things I can only wear once or pieces I don’t absolutely adore when I put them on. Brands like HAVEN almost always make it into my getaway wardrobe, especially if I’m going somewhere where the average temperature is over 30 degrees!

Here’s three styles I never leave without!


You know that outfit in your wardrobe that instantly makes you feel good when you put it on? The one you know looks good on you, so you can confidently slip it on, add some mascara and voila! You’re ready for wherever your holiday plans will take you!

Packing effortless outfits that boost your mood mean there’s less time spent getting dressed and more time exploring whatever whimsical destination you’ve chosen.

There’s no point wasting precious luggage space on outfits that don’t make you feel your best, so grab that flirty little number and get a cocktail in your hand, stat!

Algarve Tank and Sardinia Ra Ra Skirt by HAVEN

Martinique Tank Dress by HAVEN


Yep! If I can wear it with heels and red lippy before swapping them out for sandals and my favourite bikini, it’s an absolute must! An outfit that can do both is going to have you looking holiday-chic on more than one occasion. 
It also totally gives you the option to dress according to your mood, which can be hard on a limited wardrobe. Simply dress it up if you’ve been beaching it all day and feel like a change in current, or throw it on bikini-style if you feel like keeping it casual.
Just make sure you take the accessories to transform a look like this, even if it’s as simple as a statement earring or a straw handbag!

Martinique Frill Dress by HAVEN

Isola Off Shoulder Dress by HAVEN

Martinique Frill Dress by HAVEN


If there’s ever a time to experiment, it’s when you're in your vaccay state of mind and in a city full of strangers. Different place, different you, so why not try something a little out of your comfort zone and see if it sticks?
You might have something a little bold in your wardrobe that you haven’t had the confidence, or even the place to wear it yet. I say, pack it.
You’re on holiday, so embrace that free spirit and do something with your wardrobe that you’ve never done before!

Algarve Off Shoulder Top + Salema Ra Ra Mini by HAVEN

Algarve Earring by HAVEN

The HAVEN SS20 collection is now available at
SHOP all my favourites from this bold Summer line!


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