Hi, I’m Rochelle, and I began Just Another Mannequin as a creative space to fill with any and all projects that ignite my spark and passion for creating. 

As a kid, it was my dream to work for a fashion magazine, but even after completing my journalism degree and getting my first taste for the industry working at Cosmopolitan, I still couldn’t figure out if I wanted to be styling the shoots, writing the articles, photographing the models, doing the graphics or even be modelling on the cover.

So I began Just Another Mannequin as a place where I could do it all. From photographing, styling or modelling entire campaigns to simply sharing and writing about my favourite brands on Instagram, if it sparks the creative soul inside me, I’m in.

I adore getting to curate engaging content that speaks to the brands I love, and have a portfolio of clients in all aspects of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. Yep, I’ve basically turned capturing all my passions into my full-time gig!

I've studied everything from graphic design to photography, writing, marketing and digital media. So if you’ve got a brand, an idea or a project that needs a little help being brought to life, I’d love to hear all about it!

No dream is too wild, too small or too much effort, and I work with brands of all shapes and sizes with an inspiring story to tell.

Get in touch here, because I’d love to tell yours.