7 Must-Dos When Travelling to Queenstown

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

When we touched down in Queenstown, our taxi driver told us we'd landed in the New Zealand equivalent of Disneyland. It didn't take long before I knew he was right, this place was magical, and there was enough to entertain us for a lifetime, let alone the next 8 days.

There are literally endless options, and we still have plenty more to tick off on our own Queenstown bucket list. But if you're heading out there soon (or need a list to convince you to!), here's 7 things you shouldn't leave without doing!

O N E : H O T  P O O L S

This is easily the most relaxing way to indulge in Queenstown's magical landscape! While there are hot pools right in Queenstown itself, we made the trek out to Omarama to completely soak up the experience!
Here you can enjoy a private tub for 1.5 hours, and after a few long days on the ski fields,  your body will 100% thank you for it.
I couldn't think of anything more peaceful than this, so if you want at least a few hours of pampering between all the adventure activities Queenstown has to offer, this is the one to put on your must-do list!

T W O : H I T  T H E  S L O P E S

For us, Queenstown was always a snow holiday (with a few added bonuses!). The majority of our time was spent on the slopes as we were able to purchase a flexible 4 day pass that covered both Coronet Peak and The Remarkables ski fields. This meant we had four full days of snow time, but we could be flexible about when we used them during the week we were there.
We hired our gear up on the mountain and took the bus up and back everyday as they run every 20 minutes, plus the bus stop was almost out the front of our AirBnb (totally planned!).
I absolutely loved skiing The Remarkables, because the runs are varied and we had a group with all different abilities. They also have a pretty great terrain park which kept things interesting!

T H R E E : T A K E  A  R O A D  T R I P

While I wouldn't normally suggest getting out of Queenstown, taking a day to explore the surrounds of this stunning town was one of my favourite parts of the trip!
The drive was a continuum of 'photo-opportunities' and we constantly stopped to take-in and capture the view. Some of the big ticket destinations included Wanaka and Lake Pukaki (both were stunning!) and we also hit the hot pools on the way.
Hiring a car was very affordable, so I would definitely jump at the opportunity to do this again, there is so much of the island left to see!

F O U R : G O  D O G  S L E D D I N G

Yes, you read that right! Just out of Queenstown, at a little place called Underdog, you can take a team of beautiful husky dogs through the trails of the New Zealand Alps! The dogs are extremely well behaved and are literally jumping at the chance to run through the snow with you.
You can either lead your own team or have an experienced musher take you through, either way your in good hands, or should I say paws!

F I V E : D O  T H E  Q U E E N S T O W N  H I L L  H I K E

If you're looking for a good view, the Queenstown Hill Hike is a nice easy one, with lots to see when you hit the top!
It takes about 3 hours to do (round trip), but I'd highly recommend leaving some extra time to take photos once you're up the top. You'll get 360 degree views of Queenstown, so you can't help but take a few snaps.
If you're even more game, and have extra time, there are a bunch of other hikes around Queenstown that will take you even higher, like Ben Lomond, which is still on our list to tick off!

S I X : G O  L U G I N G

As a group, I think we'd all say luging was the most hilarious way to spend an afternoon! You need to take a gondola ride up the mountain and from there, the fun begins!
Don't be fooled by the little carts, this ride is a huge thrill, especially when you've got a competitive group of friends who are willing to do anything to beat you down the mountain. And yes, you can flip the carts, we tested that for you!

S E V E N  : W A T C H  T H E  S U N R I S E

We did this one every single day of our trip! We specifically booked accomodation that had the most picturesque views so that we wouldn't have to miss a single one, you could even see it from the bedroom!
On one particular morning, we decided to get out there before sunrise and completely bask in it as it began to rise. Believe me when I say, it was freezing, you will need gloves and at least 5 layers of clothing.
It will be totally worth it, especially once you've got a hot chocolate in your hands!

This definitely won't be our last trip to Queenstown; the most beautiful place I've ever been. I'd love to know what you think we should add to the list for our next visit!