Thursday, February 11, 2021

When it comes to homewares, ceramics are a trend that's slowly taking over every corner of my house. With minimal pots being added to my space more often than I'd like to admit, dreaming up all the best ways to style them has become a standard Sunday afternoon activity.

So after my last shipment from Paola & Joy, an absolute ceramics mecca and effortless Australian homewares brand, arrived on my doorstep, I thought I'd share my four favourite ways to inject these pieces perfectly into any space.

As a gorgeously accessible brand, Paola & Joy have curated a collection of pieces to suit any abode with a range that is versatile, affordable and thoughtfully designed.

Read on to discover all my favourite ways to style it, with four minimal pottery trends you can just as easily inject into your home!

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The layered look is a trend I could not resist, and proves once and for all that more can definitely be more! Layering your pots can make an effortless statement and is perfect for spaces like side tables or shelves that have room to spare.

This trend can be achieved with as little as two pots, as long as they are different heights and are placed in a way that adds depth to your space. Using other homewares such as coffee table books, frames and florals can also accentuate this look if you haven't got a heap of pots to play with.

But if you've got the pots, and the space, a more the merrier approach is definitely the way to go! Fill up those corners and curate a pottery heaven that is abundant with a mix of pieces. Use a collection that are similar in tone and style (you can't go wrong with a mix of Paola & Joy pieces!) and use different heights and textures to balance out your space while still creating drama.

My top picks for this trend are the Tana U Shape Vases and the Iris Vase.


If you want to take your ceramic styling to the next level, use dried flowers to add texture, colour and depth to your favourite pots. Not only will dehydrated florals last forever, but they also keep things tonal and are perfect for anyone who also loves a neutral space. 

A single stem can be used to add a touch of variety, or layer a few to give your pots even more impact. Spaces like bedsides and coffee tables are perfect for sweet set ups like this as they make a simple statement without taking up much room.

But for those who desire overflowing florals and big, dreamy dried arrangements, this is must-try look too! Fill up your larger pots with big bunches and allow them to make a statement all on their own, or split a bunch and layer it over a few pots styled together.

Either way you can curate a set up that makes an impact with as little, or as much of this look as you like!

My top picks for this trend are the Yanina Vase and Andres Vase.


While it's important that sticking to a distinct set of ceramics is important, mixing a couple of colours together can really make your pieces pop!

As long as the tones you decide on compliment each other, and you use your pots to accentuate a cohesive palette, this trend is almost foolproof.

If you're selecting your pieces from Paola & Joy (which I highly recommend!), you really can't go wrong. Their collections are designed for mixing and matching and have been specifically created to compliment each other.

I love mixing their deeper stone coloured pieces with their lighter ivory pots. The dual-tone styling makes each vase or pot stand out and add drama to any spaces that need it.

My top picks for this trend are the Amara Halo Vase and the Bianca Vase.


When you've got a vase, vessel or pot good enough, it can transform a space all on its own. The trick is to source a piece that is unique, wether it be in form, texture, size or all of the above!

Something unique like the Amara Halo Vase will easily hold it's own and is perfect for settings such as a desk or dining table when you just need something small.

As long as your stand alone piece is enough to draw the eye to a particular space, you need not pair it with anything else! If you want to adopt this trend, pick a piece that you can't get enough of and place it front and centre.

I assure you, if you adore the piece enough all on it's own, you'll never get tired of looking at it.

My top picks for this trend are the Yanina Vase and the Amara Halo Vase.