Thursday, June 24, 2021

For me, an everyday handbag should be big enough to comfortably fit all my bits, but small enough that it forces me to only carry the essentials.

It should have a few key compartments that keep things organised, a nice sturdy strap, be high quality, look as good as it feels and of course, go with everything.

Yep, I know, easier said than done.

But after years of holding handbags on high rotation, I know a good one when I’ve got it. And let me assure you, the Maeve Crossbody Bag from Kayde Leather is all of the above and more.

So to celebrate it’s pure existence, I thought I’d share all the essentials I’ve been carrying around inside of it!


Location: Front pouch

When it’s not glued to my hand, I like to have my phone somewhere in my bag with easy access. My favourite from Kayde Leather has a front pouch so perfect for this, I can only assume it was made for it!

The pouch extends across the entire length of the bag, so it’s got plenty of room, plus it snaps shut with a magnetic closure. Once I throw it in, I know my precious phone won’t be going anywhere!


Location: Bulk of the bag

With my screen time higher than I’d like to admit, having a portable charger on me at all times is an absolute must. I’ve got the real deal, solid, somewhat bulky kind which effortlessly slips into the main section of my handbag.

And with the amount of times it’s saved me on a night out, on a long commute or mid Instagram story while on the job, if the handbag doesn’t fit my charger, the handbag doesn’t fit my lifestyle.


Location: Zip pocket

Ever since this little tube of magic made its way into my life, it hasn’t left my side, or my handbag. Because flyaway-free hair is the kind of energy I need in my life right now, I keep this one tucked away in the zip pocket of my Maeve Bag at all times.


Location: Bulk of the bag

Right in the middle of my everyday bag is my wallet, because while the idea of going card-less is great, my wallet is home to a tonne of other things I consider essential to my existence.

Like emergency cash, business cards, gift cards I don’t want to forget to use (but probably still will) and baby wipes.

Yep, my obnoxiously oversized wallet is here to stay, because it fits, and it can.


Location: Zip pocket

If we’re being realistic, this one should really say ‘lipsticks’. Plural. Because let’s be honest, you never know if it’s going to be a neutral nude or a bold red kind of day.

Good thing the zip pocket in my Maeve Bag from Kayde Leather is roomy enough to fit more than a few shades!


Location: Bulk of the bag

Staple, tortoiseshell sunnies can also be found safely tucked into my go-to handbag!


Location: Bulk of the bag

After years of debating between keeping my keys in the side pocket, or rummaging around for them in the middle, I’ve decided to commit to the rummage.

While the idea of conveniently keeping them zipped up at all times seems nice, the reality is I get lazy, throw them in the middle and end up rummaging around for them anyway.

Good thing I’ve collected a few keys over the years, and my fave Kayde Leather handbag isn’t too big, so I only have to feel around aimlessly for a few seconds until I find them!


Location: Zip pocket

Rounding out my must-have beauty essentials worthy of a place in my handbag is my favourite lip balm. As a dry-skinned girl who rarely remembers to drink enough water (notice I don’t carry around a bottle!), having a nourishing balm on me at all times is a non-negotiable.

9. PEN

Location: Zip pocket

Stashed away in the zip pocket of my bag is a pen, always. I just love being that person that can rescue a poor pen-less person when they need it. Because hey, not everybody has a bag practical and perfect enough to be carrying around rarely required stationary.

But it’s ok, because with the Maeve Bag I can be!


Location: Bulk of the bag

And finally, inside my go-to handbag, is well… another bag! No, not because my Kayde Leather isn’t enough (spoiler: it absolutely is!) but because you never know when you’re going to be picking up some extra bits!

Having a reusable tote bag on me at all times has saved me from having to use unnecessary plastic ones way more times than I can count, and for that reason alone, it’s worth carrying!