A Long Weekend In Melbourne

Thursday, December 20, 2018

It wasn't until Scott's boss hinted that he should take a break (and use some of his 5+ weeks of annual leave) that we realised we'd not been on a holiday in over 12 months.

With all the house-buying, renovating, girl bossing, quitting of jobs and moving this year, we'd hardly thought about throwing any travelling into the mix.

But we needed a break, and a reward for everything we've achieved in this last year. So, we treated ourselves to a long weekend in Melbourne! We left with few plans, excited just to spend time with each other and the satisfaction of not having to answer to anyone for at least 72 hours.

Consider this your highlight reel:

W H E R E  W E  A T E :

We basically spent 90% of our time in Melbourne eating, so it makes sense to start with what Melbourne does best; damn good food!

We wanted to explore the city organically, so we headed out most days with no plans or expectations and gladly stumbled upon some amazing foodie spots. My two favourite finds were Pinkie and No.19 Society. I must admit, the aesthetics got me in, but the food in both was just as good!

N O . 1 9  S O C I E T Y

If you're thirsty:
they are a licensed venue so it was Summer spritzes all round!
If you're hungry: if you're going past the all day breakfast you've got to try the macaroni and cheese hotdog, because how can a combo like that go wrong?!
Don't leave without trying: The raspberry cheesecake, it blew our minds!


If you're thirsty:
this place is smoothie goals! Words like snickers, oreo and cappuccino are all on their smoothie menu so you can see what I mean.
If you're hungry: If you're a burger lover, you won't be disappointed with their classic beef burger!
Don't leave without trying: the banana bread, I don't even know how to explain how incredible this was. Just look at the pictures and wipe the drool from you mouth!

W H E R E  W E  S T A Y E D :

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Melbourne, you can't got past Hotel Lindrum in the city's CBD. These guys have absolutely everything covered; spacious rooms, a breakfast buffet, hotel bar and a beyond convenient location (walking distance to most places and a tram on their street!).

The most charming thing about this hotel was their attention to detail, they've actually surveyed their customers (80% of which are women), to find out what they want.
Things like an in-room tea service are complimentary and when I couldn't bring my razor on the plane (since I only had carry on) I just asked reception and they brought one up!

They also brought me hairspray and a hair-tie from their 'survival kit' to save me from having to find these items when we arrived late in an unfamiliar city.

I could rave about how accomodating these guys were for ages, but the best way to see what I mean is to stay there for yourself!

W H E R E  W E  W E N T :

Apart from rolling from restaurant to restaurant in the CBD, we took a short trip to St Kilda not once, but twice during our trip!
I had no idea this coastal strip was just 30 minutes from the city via tram and it was a welcome change from city life! We spent one night having dinner on the esplanade, going for a long walk along the bay and stopping for a sunset ice-cream. Yes, it was date-night goals!

The next morning we headed back for the Sunday market which had over 100 unique stalls from local makers and creators. We did as much Christmas shopping as we could fit in our luggage and were both impressed by what was on offer, which included a Nutella crepe stand!

The outdoor cinema by the bay and Melbourne's Luna Park also looked fun, but we're saving those for our next visit!

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